Question: How do you feel about SNY showing highlights from baseball teams other than the Mets?

I was just watching SportsNite on SNY and they reported Yankees slugger, Derek Jeter’s split from his girlfriend Minka Kelly…

I immediately thought to myself “WHAT THE HELL?”. Seriously, why would anyone want to hear about that? It’s not sports news. Especially not on SNY, a channel partially owned by the owners of the Mets.

SNY was a channel strictly for Mets, Jets and Big East Conference, until this season. This season they began showing highlights from teams like the Yankees, etc.

I can guarantee you this, tune in to the Yankees channel (YES), and you won’t see anything covering the Mets unless the Yankees are playing against the Mets.

I understand the owners of SNY (partially Wilpons) are trying to expand their horizons by covering other teams, but I think it takes away the exclusivity SNY once had.

Is anyone even awake? Thoughts?

  1. megwhat answered: Francesa is the worst.
  2. believeinthebeards answered: Eh. I’m a huge Mets fan, but I have great respect for the Yankees. But celebrity news? Unnecessary. I’ll gladly take sports coverage tho.
  3. le-emmeth answered: Well as much as I despise them, the Yankees are a New York team. Le sigh. But srsly, a celebrity break-up =/= sports news.
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    Well, I dunno, I hate it too. But at the same time they need the viewers I guess. What really gets me is fucking Mike...
  5. whydontyoudancewithme answered: i feel like they wanna spread to all new york sports, rather than just the mets, jets, and big east. i mean: ‘get your new york sports here’
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